What reviewers have to say about Phone Schedule:

"In a nutshell, Phone Schedule is a fantastic application that manages and schedules all of your phone’s activities without your having to worry about anything."

"Pues mirad, podemos activar el modo vibración, el modo silencio, el modo normal, activar o desactivar el WiFi, lo mismo con el bluetooth, el modo avión, cambiar el volumen de tono de llamada, el de notificación, el de alarma, cambiar el tono de llamada y por último también el de notificación. *coge aire*" - This article brought about 1500 downloads from Spain. Thank you, guys!

"For instance, if you’re too apprehensive about your device’s rather limited battery timing, you can create a scheduled task that would automatically switch off the, say, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth of your device as soon as you leave your home or work premises, and switch it back On once you step into your destination."

"Il leggerissimo tool gratuito di soli 94k ci permette di programmare a nostro piacimento la luminosità del display, il livello della suoneria, l’attivazione e la disattivazione del modulo Wi-Fi e di quello Bluetooth."

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